Smart Doors · Unattended
Is there a need for traditional manual gates with intelligent gates?
Identity confirmation
Confirm the identity of the visiting person
Visitors must register to ensure safety
In and out personnel must be authorized to enter
Access authorization
Visitor registration
Resident/owner tenant
Brush face, swipe, scan code (two-dimensional code)Video intercom, remote control...
Intelligent door posts provide a variety of door opening methods for resident personnel and do not require manual door help.
Outsiders / appointments to visit
Advance registration, pre-authorization
Brush the face to open the door, scan the code to open the door...
The intelligent door provides the interviewed person with the means of booking the visitor registration, and does not need manual door participation.
Outsiders / temporary visits

Video verification, remote control
Instant registration, brush your face and open the door...
Intelligent doorkeeping provides temporary interviewer identification and registration means for interviewees.
No manual door transfer is required.

Full scene for static, walking, running, glare, shimmer, backlight Looking up, bowing, side face, wearing sunglasses, and glass, all can be accurately identified Tracking 48 face communities, office buildings, schools, shopping malls, hotels, apartments Hospitals, factories, parks, buses, subways, airports, all kinds of scenes, all applicable
Fast real-time comparison From capture to recognition, no more than 1 second Real-time linkage with access control, ladder ntrol, and gates Real-time linkage with big data marketing system to accurately push ads
Identification accuracy rate 99%+
Front end: face recognition dedicated camera, real-time detection,Dynamic tracking, exposure optimization, selection and optimization...Back-end: dedicated server for face recognition, the real-time comparison accuracy rate is 80%-to 99%+
Bandwidth and storage 50%, face recognition HD video dual channel, channel flexible switch, save bandwidth, photo and video synchronization, high-speed retrieval, the first in the country to achieve H.265, double the video quality, reduce bandwidth storage by half
A set of face recognition recognition system with recognition accuracy exceeding the human eye
Scan code to open the door safely and reliably Wi-Fi/3G/4G networking Open door record real-time report Video intercom is smooth and clear Real-time monitoring is convenient and flexible QR code, credit card, password Video intercom, remote control Every means works Safer combination

HD camera · Multi-purpose
Opening the door · Rich and varied
Put the indoor unit from
Dedicated fixed hardware
Replace the upgrade with
Universal mobile software
No need for dedicated indoor terminals
No complicated network cabling required
No professional maintenance required
Access control intercom system engineering and maintenance
Cost savings of at least 50%
Cost savings · Save time and effort
An access control intercom monitoring host integrated with multiple opening methods