The 17th Guangzhou Construction Expo: Market warming Customization, doors and windows into an absolu

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The 17th Guangzhou Jianbo Fair Courier

On the 10th to 11th of July 8th, the 7th Guangzhou Construction Expo will be exhibited in Pazhou Complex as scheduled. Perhaps it is affected by the "warm flow" of the real estate market. This year's Jianbo Fair has a vibrant appearance and has come out of the "cold curse" for nearly two years.

Among them, the customization and the display area of doors and windows are large, bringing new changes, which has become the absolute highlight of this exhibition. These two sub-sectors are also recognized by the industry as the next home product with development potential. Merchants with investment intentions may wish to know more before the end of the exhibition!

Market optimistic, custom, door and window singer

Guangzhou Jianbo Fair is known as the wind vane of the home furnishing industry. The development of the building materials industry in the next year can be seen at the exhibition. On July 8, the 17th Guangzhou Construction Expo opened on the same day and let the industry eat a reassurance.

The New Express reporter saw that from the opening of the morning to noon, the entrance has always been in a state of queuing into the market; the parking lot of Pazhou Complex has no dummy at around 10 o'clock, which shows its popularity. From the opening of the museum to the closing of the afternoon, even during the lunch break at noon, the museum has been crowded with people, showing a very lively scene. Among them, there are many people in the custom-made wardrobe cabinets and door and window halls. There are quite a few domestic audiences who are optimistic about the development of these categories and hope to distribute them. Ms. Xu from Changzhou, 80, told the New Express reporter that this time she was a group with friends to visit the exhibition. The purpose was to find a custom brand to act as an agent. She said that the stock market is too ethereal, and the industry with potential is more able to get rich. Mr. Li from Yichang is hoping to represent the door industry brand. He said that in the past two years, the market demand for door and window categories is also very large, hoping to seize the current wave of demand.

Highlight scan: industry development is getting healthier

In the past home exhibitions, plagiarizing foreign styles, homogenization competition and other phenomena is just as commonplace. However, after several years of precipitation, more and more companies are aware of the importance of “brands” and are willing to spend more time on brand building, bringing diversified vitality to the industry. In this exhibition, many brands have outstanding performances. It is difficult to summarize the exhibition trends and corporate characteristics in a single statement. It is a manifestation of the continuous maturity of domestic building materials brands.

Customization: Brands have their own characteristics and pursue differentiation

●Kanteng home CSP booth attracts countless, subversive mode

The Kangteng home, which shines in the wardrobe exhibition in March this year, once again brought a blockbuster at this exhibition. The New Express reporter learned that after the wardrobe exhibition, the distinctive design concept, high-end superior quality, numerous patented technologies and the unique development model of the brand made Kangteng become the object of discussion in the industry. At this exhibition, Kangteng's focus is on the development and design of plate color, realistic stone effect, natural wood grain series, and high-fibre artificial leather fabric, bringing a fresh and fashionable design whirlwind. It is worth noting that the brand's parent company, Zhongjia Residential Industrialization, also launched a large-scale CSP exhibition area in Hall 6.1. For the first time, “Residential Industrialization” was officially introduced to the exhibition, attracting numerous attentions. According to reports, residential industrialization will be customized to the stage of residential construction, bringing disruptive changes to space design and storage.

● Sophia launches Haina Baichuan 3.0, and the storage philosophy is perfected

The scientific and humanized storage system drives the wardrobe sales, which is a beautiful and characteristic marketing method played by Sophia. In this exhibition, the “Henna Baichuan” series, which has been recognized by the industry, has launched the “3.0” version. According to the relevant person in charge of the brand, the series standardizes the user's individual needs by means of accessories, covering the storage system of the whole house, including wine storage, bag storage, shoe storage and so on. It is based on the advantages and iterations of “Haina Bai wear” relying on the previous generation wardrobe storage system and the second generation cloakroom storage system. The system is based on the insight and analysis of consumer needs, through the clever combination of storage accessories, effectively use narrow, short space, and truly tailor the individual needs.

Doors and windows: go on branded, standardized track

●TATA wooden doors teamed up with three designers to open up high-end categories

At this exhibition, the new products and new measures of TATA wooden doors have attracted the attention of the industry. The brand has joined forces with internationally renowned Chinese designer Liang Zhitian, internationally renowned architect and interior designer Dai Kun, and Asia's newest designer, Qi Bin. The three masters have tailored the TATA to the TATA based on the design concept of the silent wooden door. Large series of products. The “Fashion·Taste” series designed by Liang Zhitian highlights the low-key luxury style of the modern city with a clean line; Dai Kun’s “American-style coloring” series incorporates classic tastes to bring a soft and warm life experience; “Fashion· The Chinese-style series combines Eastern and contemporary aesthetics with a focus on the details of life. This also means that TATA wooden doors have opened up high-end categories with outstanding design based on the original fashionable and modern product lines.

●Shengxiang home promotes wooden door standardization and enters the big home

In recent years, leading brands in various building materials sub-sectors have embarked on the big home route, which has become an obvious industry rule. In addition to the floor products of the fists, Shengxiang Home has entered the wardrobe, the whole kitchen, wooden doors, furniture and other categories, and announced the launch of the “standard integration” system for large homes at this fair. With the support of the large home platform, the standardization of materials, production, style, service and design is realized, and the integration of five levels of brand, product, design, access and service is completed, providing consumers with a one-stop home shopping experience.

It is worth noting that Shengxiang Home proposed the concept of “standard door” at this exhibition. Traditional wooden doors have defects such as single style, unqualified quality, and long lead times. The standard door of the icon is based on the large home platform and is produced by the large industrial integration mode, ensuring the high efficiency and high quality of the wooden door. At the same time, through the surface of the wooden door, it is resistant to dirt, abrasion, flame retardant, anti-color change, and the precision and stability of the wooden door structure. The quality of the wooden door has reached the new standard of the industry, and the industry has taken the lead in obtaining the national "International Standard Product Mark Certificate". It has laid the road of standardization of Chinese wooden doors and promoted the development and upgrading of the industry.

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