Door and window enterprises are weak in innovation. Original design needs to be put on the agenda.

Issuing time:2018-11-15 00:00

With the arrival of a well-off life, consumers are increasingly demanding their living environment. Green consumption has become the dominant concept in the leading construction consumer market, and green consumption has brought huge green business opportunities. Therefore, to meet the needs of green consumption, the development of high-performance, high-tech ecological buildings and doors and windows, not only from the architectural appearance, the basic physical properties of the doors and windows themselves and cost, but also the overall design and ecological environment of the curtain wall and doors and windows Hanging hooks can provide good performance for the built doors and windows, reduce environmental pollution, and create a comfortable environment for people.

According to Yubo Zhiye Market Research Center, the rapid development of the door and window industry in the past ten years has significantly improved the status of the door and window industry in China's home furnishing industry, thanks to the overall improvement of the quality of the industry, especially a group of brand-conscious enterprises. The rise of. The door and window industry is welcoming a period of better development in history, strengthening brand building and promotion, and building a mass brand, becoming a pressing task for the current industry.

Throughout the national market, the current window and door industry, the pattern of all sorts of candidates and the various hegemons are exposed. Compared with more mature flooring, ceramic sanitary ware, wardrobes and other industries, there is still a gap in the road construction of doors and windows, but the dawn of dawn can already be seen. There are many new technologies in China, including new materials, new technologies and new processes, which is also a challenge for door and window enterprises. The National Research Institute has established an experimental base for testing and testing to enhance the level of doors and windows. The Institute has strengthened cooperation with enterprises, testing and testing services for the market in a timely manner, serving new products and new technologies. It is indeed a challenge to explore new tests.

Doors and windows now have two standards, one is the traditional standard of Chinese doors and windows. Our standard is how long and how wide the building unit is, how long and how wide the design unit is, how long and how wide, unlike Japan, the United States, etc. They are all certain standards. They can be bought as products in shopping malls. China can't do it. China is processing according to the requirements of the construction department. The second is the conduction coefficient, and many of our city standard K values are still between 2.5 and 3.6. Beijing has formulated a standard K value of about 1.5 from January 1, 2013, and of course it has to be divided into a sunny side and a negative side. The standard K value of Beijing doors and windows has been greatly improved, only 1.5 or less, and Germany is 1.3. This standard is a challenge for our door and window companies.

As the door and window industry continues to grow and develop, many companies are scrambling to join the "big family" of doors and windows, and there is a tendency for mountains and rains to come to the wind. Today's door and window market brands are everywhere, and the market is becoming more and more intense. If we want to break this situation, grab more market share, and occupy the next market “highland”, the door and window enterprises will have a long-term perspective. Intention, pay attention to the original design of doors and windows, to meet the different demands of consumers, in order to achieve long-term development in the pattern of princes.

Door and window enterprises are weak in innovation

In fact, the weak performance of innovation is the phenomenon of homogenization. Everyone is in a “plagiarism” environment. The phenomenon of homogenization in China is not only in the door and window industry, from the initial mobile phone imitation to the current entertainment program. There are more and more products in the cottage, and daily life is swept by homogenization. It is true that the main cause of homogenization is still low creativity, low level of innovation, and unable to keep up with the speed of social renewal. In the process of development, door and window enterprises will inevitably lead to homogenization due to high innovation costs and lack of original design power.

Domestic strength door and window brands are too few

In China, the seemingly huge window and door market is actually not much market for every door and window enterprise. Many door and window companies are trying to grow themselves and build a national brand with strength, but it is now well-known and powerful. Brands of door and window enterprises are few and far between, in the final analysis, because China's door and window market has a low threshold, and the process of industrialization and scale is short, which restricts the development progress of the entire industry. Another reason is that the product designer positions of many small and medium-sized door and window enterprises are not important. Their working hours are completely occupied by other work, and it has nothing to do with the design of doors and windows. This is a sad thing. Although some door and window companies have designers, the office environment is not ideal, and their creative inspiration can be imagined.

Companies need to bring innovation to the agenda

From the past experience, successful door and window enterprises are often based on product innovation, and enterprises use innovation as a basic strategy to achieve growth in revenue, market shares and customer loyalty. The industry believes that to change the phenomenon of “re-sale, light design” and “re-imitation, light originality” of door and window enterprises, the bosses of door and window enterprises must establish a view of “design to promote productivity”, and Personnel and positions, treatment, or cooperation with brand design companies to develop door and window products with independent intellectual property rights.

From the analysis of China's door and window industry competition pattern and development trend research report, in the future door and window market, only "different" can stand out in the market competition and be as stable as Taishan. The imitation of plagiarism will only make its development path go further and better. difficult. The intensity of innovation ability determines the height of the development of cabinet enterprises, and it is of great significance for enterprises to strengthen their innovation.